Nursing Resource Center

The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) provides a realistic, safe learning environment for nursing students to learn and practice nursing skills, including inter-professional teamwork and communication.

The Nursing Resource Center replicates an actual patient care environment found in health care facilities. The NRC contains eleven hospital beds complete with headwalls, over bed tables, and bedside stands. Nursing students use task trainers, and mid to high fidelity manikins to improve critical thinking and clinical skills proficiency. A variety of manikins, including Sim Junior, Sim Mom, Sim New B Advanced, Mega Code Kid, and Nursing Anne simulate normal and abnormal vital signs, heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds to facilitate the acquisition of nursing skills. Various task trainers and models are available, including IV Training Arms, Intubation models, Central Line Insertion models, Foley models, and Ostomy models.

The NRC is utilized by nursing students enrolled in in clinical practice courses, health assessment courses, and graduate level diagnostics and procedures courses.

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